Learn how the Imperial Home Team gives you an unfair advantage to earn more commissions and create A profitable career ... TODAY!

Most agents know where to start but very few know how to finish.  Let our team help you fill in those gaps so you do not have to struggle figuring it out on your own!!
The market is shifting and running a real estate business is becoming more difficult.  We are seeing more price reductions on homes, tighter restrictions on Facebook marketing, more agents leaving our industry, and harder to find business.  Do not go at this alone.  Let our team help you succeed going forward!

Thinking of Making a Move?
Contact David!
Are you a winner and desire more from your own business??  We have the training, technology, leadership development, leads, and lucrative splits for you to win BIG.   I would love to chat with you!
Also...team leaders (or future leaders)...have a team under our team umbrella and use our proven systems to instantly enhance your team!!
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Jeremy Jackson
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Is the Imperial Home Team Right For You?

  • Agents who understand that the right tools will make their jobs easier.
  • Agents who are sick of cold-calling day in and day out and know there is a better way.
  • Agents who want to provide value to people and become the best at what they do.
  • Agents who are prepared to boost their brand recognition and become the go-to agent in their area. 
  • ​Agents who are thinking of forming their own team but do no know how to create powerful systems or to enhance their current team.
  • Agents looking for a Magic Bullet that will solve all their problems.
  • Agents who got into real estate because they didn’t think they had to work.
  • Agents who are unwilling to work hard for their customers.
  • ​Agents who don’t want to invest the time to become better at what they do.
  • ​Agents who aren’t willing to give up their old ways and try something new. 
  • ​Agents who aren't team players.
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  Supportive Team Culture & Mindset
  High Commission Splits
  Branding Yourself or your team
  19+ Office Locations
  Buyer/Seller Leads
  Innovative Mindset
  And more......
Training that evolves over time
  Onboarding System
  Passive Income Tools
  Marketing Secrets
  Lead Generation
  Technology Tips
  Business Growth
  Farming, FSBO, Open House, etc Training
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  Team Meetings
  Client Appreciation Events
  Free Continuing Education
  Team Gatherings
  Seminars & Workshops
  Shadowing Agents
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Make business easier and more connected
  Powerful CRM with Amazing Integrations
  Innovative Lead Follow Up System
  BombBomb video 
  Marketing Pieces & Materials
  And more......
Now is the Time to Make a Switch
Let us chat about what your needs are and to see if we would work well together!
If you are an agent that knows how to crush lead conversion but lacking the leads....we can help you with our systems!! You can get 100's of nurtured leads already in our CRM when you join. Do you have a good handle on generating leads but don't have the tools to convert them to a client....we can help you with our systems which many are automated personally to you. Maybe you have a lot of past clients that have gone uncommunicated with over the years....we can help you with our systems and get them back in your pipeline!
The sooner we can start the conversation about if our team/brokerage is right for all of us...the sooner you can start your next great business venture! We can get a lot of the preparation of your transition to our team done well before you actually leave your current brokerage! I want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable with any transition with minimal hassles. That way you can avoid as many hiccups in the move as possible.

Are you a team leader or want to become a team but you do not have the systems to accelerate your team?  Let me help you as you can can bring your entire team (or grow your future team) to capitalize with our top-notch systems.  We will make you look good and position your team for a higher chance of success!!!
9 Things I Wish I Did and 3 Things I'm Glad I Did When I Started Real Estate
Here is a recent webinar I put on for real estate agents across the country that were either new to the industry or have been in real estate for years. The goal was to provide at least one piece of valuable information in hopes to help agents grow their business and improve their lives.  If you have time and want to learn....enjoy the show!!

Also, if this is something you want to do for your business such as webinars, podcasts, sales funnels, and such...I've been doing these for years.  I would gladly show you how to start, create, implement, market, and enhance these areas.  This is a great way to create personal business along with the high potential for a stream of passive income.
Realtor - Author - Techie - Star Wars Nerd - Mentor - Leader
David Nelson
Hello! I am the founder and team leader of the Imperial Home Team. I am a published author, Star Wars fan (or nerd..whatever), and a technology guru. I love using a variety of media for our team including webinars, seminars, books, automated follow up, social media, sales funnels, and pretty much everything else. 

I've also been a trusted real estate professional on Fox 9, KARE 11, Zillow.com, Realtor.com and many other media. My past honors include being awarded the Twin Cities Real Estate Agent of the Month, Twin Cities Super Agent multiple ongoing years, RE/MAX Hall of Fame, and the 2016 Outstanding Professional of the Year for the entire RE/MAX Advantage Plus brokerage.  I also mentor agents on our team and in our RE/MAX Advantage Plus brokerage as well as put on educational workshops to fellow agents.  Teaching and mentoring are in my blood!

I am happily married to Nicole (Wittrig) and we have a wonderful geriatric boxer, Lexy.  We live in Bloomington which we absolutely love!  If it was up to Nicole, we would be fostering every animal on the face of the Earth and turn our backyard into some sort of zoo.  Both Nicole and I enjoy traveling, testing out local restaurants and breweries, taking in Minnesota sports (even through the rough years) including bags/curling, and we really enjoy what the Twin Cities has to offer!  I was an occupational therapist that specialized in strokes/traumatic brain injury treatments prior to getting into real estate and I can tell you more about that if you like!
The Imperial Home Team is committed to being the preeminent full-service real estate leaders in the Twin Cities by providing our trusted partners and clients with maximized real estate value through innovative technology, high integrity, dedication, market knowledge, community involvement, and overall expertise in our field.

The Imperial Home Team’s vision is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate industry while establishing ourselves as the #1 real estate team within the Twin Cities area. We strive to be widely recognized by the industry for our extraordinary people, strong core values, and exceptional client service. We are constantly focused on innovation and to provide our clients with the very best experience from beginning to end. We settle for nothing less than excellence!

Core Values
The values that drive our Imperial Home Team agents forward can be separated into six specific core values:
Excellence — Attracts and retains the best talent to guide our clients every step of the way.
Team Approach — We are a cohesive team with one vision: to be the driving force in the Twin Cities real estate market.
Integrity — We demand the highest standards of honesty and strong moral principles of our team. Doing the right thing, all the time, with no exception to this rule.
Innovate — Progressive, enlightened, forward-thinkers who constantly engage in new ideas for better solutions, streamlining processes and challenging the industry’s status quo.
Enthusiasm — To motivate, influence, energize and stimulate the work environment for constant leadership growth of our team and those around us.
Dependability — We do what we say and we will never make promises that we cannot keep.

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